1. earth fam, what’s happening?

    2022-02-27 08:52:46 UTC
    earlier this month, we were gifted some lovely family time and had a much much needed break from the city. big themes around noise for me this winter. noise from the streetcar outside our apartment, noise from the honking cars, trucks passing by, noise from our phones, laptops, emails, text…

  2. space / nospace

    2022-02-22 19:22:00 UTC
    while creating this, aside from reflecting on the 10 year anniversary and evolution of my character above, a lot of thoughts came to mind, like how all life begins as a single cell. ONE, WHOLE cell.  oneness. wholeness. then we divide and multiply. we grow. we learn. we adapt.…

  3. 10 years?!

    2022-02-21 08:15:08 UTC
    yesterday before midnight, i just made my personal deadline of february 20, 2022 @ 11:59pm EST. i figured, if i could meet the deadlines of projects that aren’t mine, i can certainly meet my own. and i did! but barely! ended up rushing so the one i posted on my…

  4. mangosteen reflections

    2022-01-04 21:07:34 UTC
    mangosteen aka ME 🪞 a tropical fruit that somehow ended up on beautiful wintery anishinaabe lands…reflecting on what we can offer as visitors and settlers, how can we better listen and be present, but in a way that doesn’t keep us trapped in despair. how do we resource our source?…

  5. gratitude

    2021-12-16 22:01:00 UTC
    Been feeling real tired, irate, and unmotivated that last few days. Need to remember to take the time to be still and count the blessings.

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