so…i weave now.

since my last blog post, a LOT has happened. it’s truly been a whirlwind but a mostly good whirlwind.

after about 4 years of obsessing over the kusikus pattern - kusikus means whirlwind (ha!) or whirlpool in the ilokano language by the way - i finally made myself figure out the floor loom i had sitting in our living room since january. i couldn’t wait to learn from a weaver or go back home to the philippines to learn from a master weaver. i had to just figure it out! no more excuses! with much frustration and trial and errors, i successfully wove a sample in april. i was so happy and proud. wow. shout out to youtube university and sophia de jesus-sabella <3

i’m not even sure where to start about weaving but if we haven’t already spoken one-on-one about it - it’s very special to me. i only learned that my papa’s mother - my lola - and my lola’s lola were weavers. their livelihood was weaving. they wove mainly blankets and used their income to take care of their families and to give their children a proper education. unfortunately, no one in our family weaves anymore. except me. no pressure. but to be honest, it feels like an honour. i’m doing it for my past, present and future ancestors. it’s a deep remembering and reconnection.

anyway, i had shown a few of my pieces in a group show at Northern Contemporary this past summer. no big deal. it blows my mind that 6 months into my actual weaving journey, i showed my work in a gallery?! i’m filled with gratitude and so thankful for everyone who showed love and went to check out my work IRL.

a few weeks ago, i also took on the task of reverse engineering a ‘one eyed kusikus’ textile that was sent to me from an auntie i met online from sam francisco.

and tomorrow i have a zoom meeting with the textile museum of canada. what??? i don’t even know what to say sometimes but to laugh. i am so grateful for the journey that weaving has taken me on so far. and it’s just the beginning :’)

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