space clearing & consultation

whether we realize or not, our environment reflects and influences our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. furniture placement, clutter, object placement, circulation and more affect everything! if you feel like your living, sleeping, working spaces, etc. feels off, please feel free to connect.


i have several years of mural painting - specifically street art. but lately i've been loving painting, drawing, doodling the kusikus pattern. it is a textile pattern that dates back to pre-colonial philippines around the 1400s. ‘kusikus’ (pronounced koo-SEE-koos) means ‘whirlpool’, ‘whirlwind’ or ‘going in circles’ in Ilocano, an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines and by my family. the pattern was used for blankets and sails because it was believed it would help ward off evil spirits while sleeping and while at sea.

if you would like a hand-painted kusikus pattern mural on large surfaces, feel free to connect below!

visual communication

care offers drafting (CAD), vectoring, 3D modeling, visual presentation, and publication layout services.


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