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while creating this, aside from reflecting on the 10 year anniversary and evolution of my character above, a lot of thoughts came to mind, like how all life begins as a single cell. ONE, WHOLE cell. 

oneness. wholeness.

then we divide and multiply. we grow. we learn. we adapt. we survive. hopefully we thrive. we observe. we absorb. we experience. we go through all of the feelings. sometimes we forget the oneness and wholeness of our being. sometimes we forget we are all one and that each of us are already whole. but then we re-member. remember? the growing and learning doesn’t stop. we evolve…or not. because we have the free will to choose. another thing we all have and share.

FREE WILL. to choose or not to choose. remember??? remember kindness? compassion? respect? love? gratitude? we know and use these words everyday but do we know what they really mean? do we embody these words? have we forgotten our connection to ourselves and one another? do we remember who we are?

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