coming soon

I’ve decided to make my way back into the interwebs beyond social media after a few years of uncertainty and inactivity.

I’ve spent so much time wondering what to make of this website - should I sell things? blog? share projects I’ve worked on? is it worth it? do I even want to do anything? why do I need a website anyway?

So much overthinking to the point of stagnation. You know those ones? Enough of that. Decided I’m gonna re-start. Show up in whatever way. Doesn’t matter if I don’t have it all figured out. It will come.

Plus, been feeling the importance of SOVEREIGNTY. Like, actual sovereignty. Freedom of speech. Power and control over my own self (web domains included) and the content that I choose to put out and services I offer. Being able to take up space in this digital realm too. No censorship. Just full creative freedom.

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