winter is lovely

Just got home from spending a couple hours in a neighbourhood forest with FP. It was magical, quiet, and serene despite being in the middle of a busy city. There was a moment during our afternoon hike when I had to just pause and take in the fact that these were the moments and experiences I longed to have back when I was working my 9-5 job. 

I remember, especially during wintertime, how miserable I was. I’d be stuck inside while the sun was out and then I’d be out of work when the sun was down. Of course seasonal affective disorder is a thing. Of course being disconnected from nature and the land and daylight and fresh air is going to affect our well-being. Of course I wasn’t excited for the winter season.

But here I am now. Alive and well and free. I’m so grateful to be able to leave my home in the middle of the day, on a random day of the week, and walk a short distance to this park. Feeling thankful to spend time with our snow-covered hibernating tree relatives, to be able to see some of plant kin I’ve worked with in the summer in this part of their cycle, as they rest and go dormant for the winter. We saw goldenrod, staghorn sumac, and mullein. They’re all still so beautiful even covered with snow. A reminder to rest and reflect. A reminder to make time for that, guilt-free. We received some woodpecker medicine as  well. A reminder to keep going, to keep doing whatever it is we’re doing this season. As FP observed, “keep pecking away at it.”

There was a moment where we stood and stared at the sun. It was this big, bright orange orb that felt like…it’s something hard to describe with words or even capture with photos or videos. You just had to be there.

It’s so weird saying this but winter is actually so magical and beautiful. We can learn so much just observing the natural seasons and cycles. Imagine if we adapted our lives to these natural cycles. Imagine if we really tuned in with nature. Would that push us to tune in to ourselves and each other? Would we be healthier and happier? Would it teach and remind us how connected we are to everything and everyone?

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