new skill unlocked

On Friday I learned how to use a new program and I’m VERY proud of the first complete models I’ve made today from scratch just using spheres, cylinders, and torus shapes. I’ve 3D modeled for years for interior design, set design, etc. and I’m so used to modeling very linear spaces and objects. It’s so refreshing to sculpt something more organic…I love it.

The first model I made on this new program is Hello Kitty ^_~ This is just fangirl art so no one sue me ok. Loved her since I was a kid. This actually took me 3 hours - but that includes the learning curve. Not bad, not bad.

The second model I made last night is the beautiful gumamela flower, better known as hibiscus. I already know a few things about hibiscus and it’s medicinal properties and the last thing I was expecting was to learn anything via a modeling program, but I did! As I was tediously but patiently sculpting the style, filament and anther detail, I was able to really take in how flowers, a being we think of as so feminine, also has components of it that are very masculine too. the perfect embodiment of balance between the masculine and feminine. 

Anyway, I’m excited to see where this 3D modeling journey will take me but for now, I’m having a lot of fun playing. 

Shout out to Akurate Shot!

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