mangosteen reflections

mangosteen aka ME 🪞 a tropical fruit that somehow ended up on beautiful wintery anishinaabe lands…reflecting on what we can offer as visitors and settlers, how can we better listen and be present, but in a way that doesn’t keep us trapped in despair. how do we resource our source? how can we nourish ourselves and those around us in a way that is truly sustainable? or perhaps a better word is restorative? how can we integrate systems rooted in restoration, reciprocity, receptivity, and deeper relation to one another rather than exploitation and extraction and hoarding? can we find freedom and joy through rest and unbound creativity?


mangosteen is a plant native to southeast asia, cultivated in what is now known as the philippines, malaysia, borneo, sumatra, and mainland southeast asia since ancient times. the fruit is sweet and tart. one of my favourite fruits ever!

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