laptop was calling

Hello, good evening. I was just reading a book when my laptop at  the dining table decided to wake up from its sleep. So I thought i’d try and listen to it. Typically, I’d shut it down to give it a rest but what if I just listen. Actually, before this, I had heard a sound come from the hall or studio or bedroom but everyone was fast asleep and nothing seemed to have moved or fallen…

Anyway, as we sink into the winter cycle of rest and reflection, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it really means to TRUST. To trust that I’m exactly where I need to be wherever I am each day. I just need to listen to my body, emotions and spirit. The mind has been given too much power for too long. To the point of mental crisis. We allow all this “stuff” to go and get trapped in our minds but it’s impossible. It can’t and should not do all that work alone. So what do we need to do? How can balance between the equally important aspects of our human-ness (mind, body, spirit, emotion) be restored? How can we give the spirit, emotions and body a chance to process all this information in a healthy way? How can we allow them to help us in the ways that they know how?

Listen. Listen to your body, emotions and spirit too. They have so much to tell us, to teach us. They hold so much VALID information that we’ve been taught by the system to ignore.

It’s funny how simple the answer is (listening) but we’ve been so submissive and accepting of this idea of a complicated, struggle-filled, hard, challenging life. We’ve been so disconnected (from our bodies and our spirit) for so long. But what if we decided to open up a totally different book (or reality) with a different narrative. A story about how we have a beautiful, magical life full and complete with nourishing and reciprocal relationships while also living our best lives and embodying our best selves - with ease? What if we remembered who we really are and our deep connection and relationship to the earth, the elements, each other, and all other living beings not just on this planet but throughout the universe?

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