first snow fall of the season

I feel like writing a very regular degular “how was your day” kind of post. 

Woke up to the city’s first snow fall for the season. It was the fluffy, very pretty kind of snow. Was tempted to go outside but on weekends, I prefer to stay inside. Outside around so much peoples gives me anxiety these days. I also just really appreciate the quiet and peace here at home. As I type this, kusiko, my kitty, is sleeping on my lap :)

Last week was quite busy. Ran errands, taking advantage of having a car for a few days. having a car can be so stressful, especially in the city without your own parking spot. I don’t know how y’all do it. Anyway, after a week of errands, it was nice to wind down and have a couple days just to myself. A day with no agenda except lounging around, resting, napping, reading and then a weekend full of rest with a bit of connecting with a kapwatid and a bit of medicine making. 

Been having many dreams. I hope to one day experience dreaming more lucidly…

Been thinking more and more about frequencies and the ones we are around every single day - particularly our cellphones and televisions. Not coincidentally, this came up when connecting with a kapwatid yesterday. I think more and more people are sensing it too. It just feels…off. it No longer feels good. If you know, you know. But I feel a bigger sense of urgency to migrate off social media and on to here more permanantly. Just want to figure out a way to still stay connected. Perhaps it’s just better boundaries? A purging of data? A refresh of my digital footprint? Bleh…it’s all so overwhelming to be honest. But one step at a time.

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