my name is care

also known as carol-ann

earth-based medicine, elements embodied
the universe embodied, multidimensional
rituals and cycles, constantly shifting
sideward, downward, upward spirals

designer, dreamer
weaver, artist

among many other things ~ ~ ~

◆    ◆    ◆


in my family, as ilocano people, we practice the tradition of atang. atang is an offering for our ancestors who are no longer with us in this physical realm. it is a form of connection and expression of love. traditionally, various herbs, objects, favourite foods and drinks are offered. IRL and virtually, i offer these gifts with deep gratitude and honour for my loved ones who continue to guide and protect me on my journey in this realm and beyond, in all dimensions of space and time. agayamanak unay.

root care

i offer love, gratitude, and honour to my elders and well ancestors who come from what is now known as the philippines. i give thanks for the seeds that they've planted so that i may be here today. i acknowledge the trees, plant relatives, the mountains, the rocks, the sacred land and water, our 2-legged, 4-legged and finned relatives, the seven directions, the elementals, those seen and unseen who protect and guide me everyday on this journey called life. i acknowledge and give thanks to my mirrors and teachers ~ my parents, nana, francis, kusiko, jen maramba, angela angel, natoya hall, mosk cohort 2, jacqui wilkins, philip cote, debbie danard, krisell valenzuela, lyn pacificar, darshan mendoza, sha, kristen, sarah faith gottesdiener, and anyone else i may have not mentioned. thank you.

land back

i am a settler living in beautiful tkaronto (so called toronto) on anishinaabe lands. it is the sacred land belonging to the 7 anishinaabe nations including the bodéwadmi, odawa, chippewa, mississauga, algonquin, nbissing, and saulteaux. it is now also home to many diverse first nations, inuit, and metis peoples. i give gratitude and honour to the original caretakers and leaders of this land and water.

i am thankful to live and be in community here. i commit to deepen my relationship with the land, its original caretakers, and all beings seen and unseen here. i commit to doing my part in supporting indigenous sovereignty and liberation. i commit to doing my part in honouring the teachings of the dish with one spoon wampum belt treaty - sharing resources and protecting the land, water, and all living beings here.  miigwetch, agaymanak unay, thank you.


to be.

to love.

to dream.

to be kind.

to be happy.

to live with ease.

to listen and share.

to be compassionate.

to honour others' paths.

to resist colonial systems.

to merge with my higher self.

to be of service to mama Earth.

to rewrite over old programming.

to deepen nourishing connections.

to remember everything is cyclical.

to resist the systems not rooted in love.

to embody my best self and sovereignty.

to remember what it means to be present.

to remember the importance of joy and play.

to know importance of gratitude and reciprocity.

to remember and share ancient/ancestral wisdom.

to show up for myself and those around me in a good way.

to remember that we hold the OG algorithms and codes within.

to stay in tune and connected to the earth, air, water, fire, and spirit.

to disrupt the systems that are no longer working for us and mama earth.

to be in good relation with myself so that i may be in good relation to others.

◆    ◆    ◆


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