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'Butiki' is the Tagalog word for lizard, the word I was taught to call these common house lizards that would arrive and leave as they pleased back home in the Philippines. They can be found on the walls and ceilings of your home!

But also...remember making larger versions of these as a kid?! These cute lil' lizard earrings came to life after being frustrated with another project that wasn't quite working out. I needed a break from that and was searching for something that felt playful and the memory of creating these lizards with multicoloured beads and tie-dyed yarn came to mind. These were a joy to create!

Each lizard is approximately  2cm by 3.5cm, handmade with size 10/0 Czech seedbeads.

Price (CAD) is for one matching pair of earrings.

***For "Custom Colour Combo" drop-down option, after you place your order, please click HERE and specify your colour request in the message box. With this option, you can mix and match!

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